South Croydon Swimming Club is committed to the welfare of all swimmers and children as detailed in our child protection policy.
Welfare Officer : Julia Gant


The purpose of this document is to set out guidance and procedures that outline the responsibilities of staff, swimmers, parents who are members of or associated to those within South Croydon Swimming Club.

This policy runs in accordance with the overall Code of Conduct, available on our website it should be read by every swimmer and signed by swimmers and/or parents (or those with parental responsibility). South Croydon Swimming Club fully endorses and operates in accordance with the ASA Child Protection Policy (Wavelength) and the ASA Code of Ethics, details of which can be found on the ASA website at www.britishswimming.org or by speaking with the Club Welfare Officer (details below).

South Croydon Swimming Club, whilst offering a professional swimming opportunity for all swimmers, takes as its primary concern the safety and well being of all the children and young people who are members of the club. All members (whether swimmers, parents, team manager, coach), when attending any event/training session or when engaged in any business or activity on behalf of South Croydon SC have a responsibility to ensure that children are safeguarded and protected from any risk of harm and that any such risks, once identified should be reported to the Club Welfare Officer, or steps taken in accordance with the ASA Child Protection Policy. WAVEPOWER The club undertakes to ensure that all staff are DBS checked.

The Club has a Welfare Officer who is available to discuss issues or concerns in a confidential manner, but will always have as their concern the safety and well being of children and young people. The Welfare Officer has a duty to report any concerns brought to their attention in accordance with the ASA Child Protection Policy. Complaints should be made in writing to the Club Secretary who will refer to the committee. Can parents please bear in mind that all non coaching roles are carried out by a team of hard working volunteers. These volunteers have full times jobs themselves and are also busy parents so please be kind to them whatever the situation is with your child at the club - they give up their free time to help The club is run in accordance with the ASA Wavepower and Swim21 obligations and the club's own policies and by a small committee of volunteer parents. If you would like to take on a role on the committee or become a club officer in any role no matter how small please speak to a current member of the committee

Club Welfare Officer: Julia Gant
Please email the club at southcroydonsc@live.co.uk with a contact email address or telephone number and the Welfare Officer will contact you.

ASA Website : www.britishswimming.org or Tel : 01509 221 350 ASA Swim Line : Tel: 0808 100 4001
NSPCC : Child Protection Line (www.nspcc.og.uk) or Tel: 0808 800 5000
ASA Code of Ethics
All individuals within the ASA aquatic disciplines will at all times:
• Respect the rights, dignity and worth of every person, be they adult or child, treating everyone equally within the context of the sport.
• Respect the spirit of the sport adhering to the rules and laws in and out of the pool, incorporating the concept of friendship and respect for others.
• Promote the positive aspects of the sport and never condone the use of inappropriate or abusive language, inappropriate relationships, bullying, harassment, discrimination or physical violence.
• Accept responsibility for their own behaviour and encourage and guide all ASA members and parents of junior members to accept responsibility for their own behaviour and conduct.
• Ensure all concerns of a child safeguarding nature are referred in accordance with Wavepower (ASA Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures).
• Conduct themselves in a manner that takes all reasonable measures to protect their own safety and the safety of others.
• Promote the reputation of the sport and never behave or encourage or condone others to behave in a manner that is liable to bring the sport into disrepute.
• Adhere to Wavepower the ASA Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures.
• Adhere to the ASA Anti-Doping Rules.
• Adhere to the ASA Equity Policy.
• Adhere to the ASA Laws and Regulations.
• Adhere to the ASA Codes of Conduct.
ASA members should note that this is a general “umbrella” code and is supplemented by the ASA Codes of Conduct which can be found in Wavepower 2009/11 under section 2, page 68 – 71.


'Parents and spectators play an essential role in supporting a child’s participation in sport and many have a positive influence in both club and
competitive environments. However, many grassroots swimming clubs are struggling to address the increasing problem of negative parental
and spectator behaviour, of which the impact on a child cannot be underestimated. The ASA has developed a 90 minute Positive Behaviour
Workshop which offers support and guidance for clubs to help identify and address negative behaviour. Anyone with an involvement in
aquatics can attend a workshop including spectators, parents, coaches, officials, volunteers and club members with the overall aim of helping
aquatics clubs improve the overall experience for their young members. Olympic bronze medallist Jo Jackson has put her full support behind
the new initiative and said: “The more positive people we have around poolside, the better it is for our sport. “I wouldn’t have achieved my
dreams if my parents hadn’t supported me along the way. I believe if you surround yourself with positive people, you are able to achieve more.”